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The rainbow sleeps tonight... [entries|friends|calendar]

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Lur. [19 May 2006|07:04pm]
I AM SELLING SOME STUFF!!!!! There is nothing wrong with the stuff I'm selling, I just bought it when I was a rich highschool girl and now I'm a poor college girl. And to be honest, I just don't need all this stuff. Nearly everything I'm selling is in PERFECT condition or even still in the package. It ranges from art books to doujinshi to figures to keychains. There are multiple fandoms represented so I'd look if I were you. (Naruto, One Piece...etc.) I'm a softy so prices are totally negotiable. I'm going to open this up to communities probably but I wanted to see if anyone on my friendslist wanted anything FIRST. It's also a first-come/first-serve thing. Unless the two of you are willing to battle to the death with prices then by all means.

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Lur. [07 May 2006|11:33am]
[ mood | silly ]


I can't stop laughing.


OMG it's so not even funny but yet it is.

Edit: You know what else is funny? Laura instant messaged me with this link thinking that it was ME that posted that! It should have been me.

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Lur. [21 Apr 2006|02:47pm]
Iam at an internetcafe and I haveabout five moreminutes so Ithought I´d make an entry just so you could laughatme beingona spanish keyboard. I thinkthere areotheroptions for certain letters so thespacebar only SELECTIVELY works. It´s likeÑ NO!! ¡¡¡WHAT IF YOU NEED AN ACCENT!!! ¿WHAT THEHELL?


OMG!! IF I TYPE IN ALL CAPS IT...ohwait...it still does thattome. ¡¡This is sosilly!!

Thisis a pointlessentry. ¡¡¡¡I HAVE TWOHUNDREDPESOS INMYHAND AND YOUGUYSDÔN*T!!!! But you guyshavenormal keyboardsfrom countries wherepeoplebelieve in spacebars.

I should gonow. ¡¡Mytime isrunningout and I´m aboutto go SNORKELING!! ¡ADIOS AMIGOS!
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Lur. [11 Apr 2006|04:34pm]
Hoi hoi!

So I'm being a HORRIBLY bad girl. Quite naughty actually. I'm missing school on Friday and the entire following week. Which means that the test that I'm supposed to have next Monday...I'm taking it on THURSDAY. As in two days from now. NOW! This gives me two less classes so I must LEARN THAT MATERIAL ON MY OWN!!! Which is bad. But I need to make flashcards and actually LEARN the material.
That's not the bad part. It's kind of hard to study when I'm whoring myself away to Prince of Tennis. I mean seriously. WTF? Why THAT series? My original thought process was: "Gotta get out of the Naruto fandom and into another one! What about Bleach? No. Practically the entire Naruto fandom is into Bleach as well. I KNOW!! PRINCE OF TENNIS!!!" And before I sorted out my brain, I had already downloaded the whole manga! The funniest part is that I'm enjoying it. I mean, they're playing tennis which is admitedly a lame idea for a series. However, I'm like...in love with all the characters. EIJIEIJIEIJI

So that's been the story of my life for the past two days. I need to pull myself away from tennis and back to studying.

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Lur. [07 Apr 2006|12:57am]

Gizmoduck says: "Don't smoke crack."
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Lur. [24 Mar 2006|11:01pm]
So my sister came to visit me today! And it was a TOTAL SURPRISE!!!! YAY!!! But...that's not what I have to say. I have to say that we made a made-for-TV Zelda movie. And we starred as ALL the characters! YAY!!! So here are some SNEAK SCREEN SHOTS of the movie yet to come. Along with the glorious story yet to come.

Only click if you don't mind SPOILERS!!Collapse )
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Lur. [24 Mar 2006|02:26pm]

Poll #697210 Hey Sam!

Was it creepy of Sam to just put a ladder to Clarissa's window and climbing into her room?


Remember in Clarissa Explains it All? Sam would just be like: "I think I'm going to visit my good friend Clarissa!" And then he'd pick up a ladder and wack it against her window and climb in. The only warning she go was the CLANK of the ladder against the window and the guitar strum that immediately followed.

Edit: Aw man...I typoed on the poll and can't fix it.
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Lur. [21 Feb 2006|06:46pm]
Okay. So when I was younger, I was a very special little girl. Here is a story that I wrote with two of my cousins a really long time ago. I'd say...1996 maybe? That's the year that's coming to me. Maybe earlier. I'm thinking second to fourth grade. But I'm not sure. But it's special.

Literary GeniusCollapse )

TRUELY a work of art.
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Lur. [16 Dec 2005|09:49pm]
So today I am twenty! Yes. This is what it feels like to not be a teenager anymore. And it shall be my birthday for another...two hours. I'm kind of sad that it's almost over but it was an awesome birthday so I'm happy regardless of it's near closing!

First I wake up and I'm in the house all by myself. Not much to do by myself so I entertain myself with the antics of Trunks. That was a good time! Then my sister came home and we frolicked and played the Eskimo way until she had to go. Then my dad took time off from work to take me out to lunch!! That was fun too and the waitress was great and "forgot" to charge us for a lot of my drinks and my dessert and fun stuff like that!

So then I came home and my sister gave me her gift which was the Broly movie which we immediately watched and then proceded to watch more Futurama. Then while we were in the middle of watching my FAVORITE episode (the one where everyone turns young), we suddenly have to go out to dinner! Not that I'm complaining or anything. We go to this Chinese restaurant and the description as well as some pictures are under the cut. I suggest you click and look at them because seriously...you're the only one missing out if you don't.

My Richard Scarry Birthday Party!Collapse )

So all 'n' all, my birthday was awesome!! And I thank my family for taking me out, my friends for all wishing me a happy birthday and myself...for being born!! YAY!!

Thanks everyone!! Happy My Birthday!!
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Lu.r [27 Jul 2005|04:00pm]
Remember when you were a kid, someone would ask you how many bugs you caught and everyone would be like "FIVE!!" "SIX!!" "THREE!"
And you were all cocky because you knew that you had caught SEVEN which was more than everyone else? So you announce that you had seven and suddenly, that kid who had six out of NOWHERE just has eight all of a sudden? He was all proud of his number before he found out that it was number two so he has to LIE in order to be better than you.

Well, I thought that I was done with that kind of thing. However, my partner counselor seems to enjoy doing that to me.
Me: OMG! I finally got Jackie to swim without a swimmie! She was SO scared and by the end, she was totally comfortable!
Her: I got her to do it yesterday. She must have reverted.

Me: OMG! Christopher talked to me! We had a great conversation! He NEVER talks!
Her: He talks to me all the time.

You know...that kind of annoys me. I mean, for all I know she's telling the truth but I KNOW she's lying. And I know she's doing it just because she knows I'm a better counselor.

Not only does she always have to one up me, but she always has to tell me what to do. That's what the CITs are for. I am her EQUAL and she's like: "I'd feel more confident if I took them instead." And I'm like: GIRL! You did NOT just say that! This is my FIFTH year being a counselor!

Also, is it really necessary to explain the rules EVERY morning to eight five year olds for fifteen minutes? Do we really need to be late to every activity because ONE kid is taking a long time tying his shoes when we have TWO perfectly able counselors? I could take the ready kids and she can stay with the slowpoke.

I get along with her JUST fine. I think she's very nice and we could EASILY be friends. We just can't work together with this type of job.

Oh well. Less than two weeks before my group is RUSSIANIFIED again.
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